Diets for Hardgainers

diets for hardgainers

Do you feel desperate to gain weight? Are you looking to pack some muscle on your skinny frame and start feeling better about yourself? Are you tired of being that skinny guy or gal?

If that’s the case, don’t worry because you’re in the right place. While your problem might seem impossible to solve, that isn’t the case.

As with most things, you have to break the issue down into individual components, and you can come up with a practical solution.

Why You Struggle to Gain Weight


Gaining weight and building muscle might seem like complicated topics. But, the truth is, gaining weight comes down to one simple thing:

Creating and sustaining a calorie surplus. In other words, you have to consume more calories than your body burns each day. In doing so, your body has all the energy it needs to sustain itself, carry out its processes, and set aside some energy for muscle and fat gain.

The problem is, most hardgainers only think they are eating a lot of food. But upon closer inspection of their diet, I see two things:

A low calorie intake and poor diet composition. Let’s fix both issues.

Diets For Hardgainers: What Skinny Folk Need to Bulk Up

snacks for hardgainers

Weight gain might not come naturally to you, but you can overcome your limitations with the right tactics.

It’s important to note that every person has unique calorie requirements. For example, one person might need 3,000 calories to gain weight and another - 5,000. Your individual calorie needs will depend on factors like:

  • Age

  • Sex

  • Muscular development

  • Activity level

  • Height and weight

Larger and more active people need more calories, but other factors also play a role.

In any case, let’s go over the specific foods you should include in your diet if you struggle to gain weight:

  • Eggs

  • Full-fat milk and yogurt

  • Avocado

  • Nuts and seeds

  • Nut butter

  • Meat

  • Fatty fish

  • Dried fruit

  • Oats

  • Beans

  • Natural oils (coconut, oil, etc.)

Most of the above foods are calorie-dense and rich in high-quality protein, heart-healthy fats, and complex carbs that support athletic performance, workout recovery, and physical development.

Here are a few snacks for hardgainers:

  • Six scrambled eggs with some cheese, salmon, and red peppers

  • Oatmeal with protein powder, some peanut butter, and a sliced banana

  • A simple snack consisting of dried fruit and your favorite nuts

  • Sirloin steak with potatoes

Making the occasional weight gainer shake can also help you consume more calories and start packing muscle. Mix some full-fat milk with a banana, scoop of protein powder, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and two ounces of oats. Blend the whole thing and enjoy. That simple shake can add 500-600 extra calories to your daily intake.

What To Do Next

Gaining weight and muscle mass might seem like an impossible task, but it mostly comes down to eating more whole and nutritious food, along with a motivated workout plan.

If you’re looking for extra guidance on setting up an effective nutritional plan, check out my book: How to Eat to Optimize Your Fitness Performance. The book includes all of the information you’ll ever need to eat better, time your nutrition, and reach your most desired goals.


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