How To Motivate Yourself To Workout!

Let’s be honest for a moment:

The problem isn’t always related to the lack of motivation, not having time to work out, or something similar.

We sometimes simply find ourselves unable and unwilling to do what’s right. For instance, you might have a perfectly good workout plan but could find yourself struggling to train consistently.

So, what can you do about it? Why, despite our best intentions, do we sometimes find ourselves losing momentum?

Read on to find out.

Begin With a Strong ‘Why’

Everyone has their reason for working out and trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. One person wants to impress their friends; another person wants to look great for their beach vacation; a third person wants to live longer.

It’s important to know what your why is. In other words, why do you train and eat healthily?

This is important because tough times inevitably come, and we lose the motivation to keep going. But your why is what keeps you moving forward and allows you to jump over these difficult times.

It’s good to think of the deeply-seated whys and attach emotion to them. For instance:

  • I work out to live longer, have more energy, play with my kids, and see them grow up.

  • I work out to feel better about myself, remove anxiety, and gain some confidence.

  • I work out because I’m tired of never having energy, constantly feeling guilty about my choices, and feeling depressed.

Leverage The Power of Accountability

Many people trip up and lose their motivation because they embark on a fitness journey alone. Sure, that’s one way to do it, and it can work for people who motivate themselves enough.

But most people need external motivation and accountability to thrive. Take, for example, a testimonial I got from a client of mine - Nahom:

“Hello, Sharad is an amazing trainer! He was a great motivator but also gave great tips on how to shed the pounds the healthy way! He makes sure you are meeting your targets and putting in the work! I really do thank him for keeping me motivated on my fitness journey!”

Notice the language. Of course, my goal was to educate him and present a clear plan he could follow for success. But one of the things that stood out to him was the accountability I offered. I kept motivating him each step of the way, especially when he didn’t feel like doing his workout or sticking with his nutritional plan.

If you’re interested in ongoing motivation, guidance, and a clear plan of action, check out the training programs I offer and apply today.

Another great way to leverage accountability is to have a reliable training partner. That way, you can motivate one another.

Have a Solid Plan of Action

Most people start leading a healthy lifestyle with the best intentions. They truly do. The problem is, they also start vaguely, or, worse - trying to do too much, right from the start.

This is problematic because they don’t have clear objectives for each day. They wake up, and it goes like this, “I hope I get to eat healthily today.” or “I hope I can have a workout later today.”

This is a recipe for disaster. Instead, you need to have a solid plan of action, no matter how humble it might be. Even if you want to exercise for fifteen minutes in the beginning, schedule it and be concrete:

“I’m going to perform a 15-minute bodyweight workout at home after work.”

This is as clear as you can get. The more you reinforce it, the more likely you are to complete the workout once you’re home.


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