Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?

No matter what your fitness level is, you've probably found yourself asking, "Should I hire a personal trainer?"

After all, getting fit isn't as cut and dry as some people would have you believe, and we also have to consider the accountability factor.

Today, we'll take a look at the art of personal training and if you should consider hiring a coach.

Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?

You don't necessarily need a personal trainer to achieve exceptional fitness results. The problem is, learning everything on your own can be incredibly difficult, frustrating, and confusing.

We live in an age of information overload, so finding what's helpful from the literal sea of information can sometimes be impossible. A personal trainer can help streamline the entire process by telling you what to focus on and what to ignore.

You can think of your fitness journey like traveling through a deep jungle. Sure, you might navigate it alone and come out the other end successfully. But more often than not, you'll find yourself sidetracked, distracted, or otherwise deterred from the main road.

A personal trainer is a person who's gone through the jungle dozens if not hundreds of times before. They know the route, what potential issues you might face, and how to get you from one end to the other in as little time as possible.

Why Hire a Coach: Four Solid Reasons

1. Accountability

Accountability might not seem all that important, but consider this:

If you only have to rely on yourself to be consistent, it would be easy to fall off the wagon when you lose motivation. But knowing that your trainer expects you to show up and give progress reports will make you a lot more likely to remain consistent.

2. Having a proven plan of action

You can find countless cookie-cutter training programs on the internet. The problem is, none of them take into account your goals, preferences, schedule, injury history (if any), or available equipment.

A good fitness coach will ask you questions, learn about your situation, understand you, and develop a unique plan.

3. Not feeling overwhelmed by the countless things you can do

Let's face it:

It's normal to feel overwhelmed. There are countless tactics, ideas, and ancient Chinese secrets. Knowing what to focus on can be incredibly confusing.

The great news is, working with a good trainer can help you overcome this issue and not feel overwhelmed anymore. This alone is a huge benefit worth considering.

4. Geography does not limit you anymore

Back in the day, your best option for personal training was to head over to a local gym and work with a person from the staff.

Today, the world is your playground. Thanks to services like Trainerize, online training has become incredibly popular and accessible. You can work with professionals from all over the world and not have to worry about your coach's competency.

Whether you live a mile away or on the other side of the world, you can absorb knowledge and expertise to achieve your fitness goals once and for all.


The decision to hire a personal trainer will always be yours. But if you're considering it, head over to this page to book a consultation and get a roadmap for that deep fitness jungle.